Beyond carbon accounting


Make sustainable investments and business decisions, through our emissions reduction and avoidance tool.

Beyond carbon accounting

Make sustainable investments and business decisions, through our emissions reduction and avoidance tool.

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Your end-to-end emissions management and reporting tool.
Scope 1, 2 and 3 Assessments

We offer robust Scope 1-3 assessments. By leveraging your existing data and automated integrations, we enable a seamless experience toward emissions reduction.

Quantitative Avoided Emissions

Gain insight into how your innovation compares with incumbent solutions. Using our extensive parameter library, you can verify to which degree your products will enable avoided emissions in your customer’s value chain.

Enabling Reliable Assessments

Be confident about your progress with our integrated KPI and Dashboarding modules. Our framework for Scope 1 to 3 assessments uses recognized methodology allowing for verifiable audits and third party assessment directly in the tool.

Reporting and Disclosure

Increase compliance by referencing our library of verified sources. Our framework is data-driven, allowing companies to carry out continuous reporting that is adaptable to various international disclosure requirements.

Our tools are compliant with the GHG Protocol. MoreScope will help you meet reporting disclosure requirements such as TCFD, CSRD, ESEF and ERSR.


Assess your total net impact from early screening through to exit.
Portfolio Aggregation

Collect your financial data, from your portfolios of companies, in one place for easy access and third-party assessments.
Emissions are aggregated based on equity or operational/financial control, as suggested by the GHG Protocol.

Due Diligence

Uncover hidden risks and unresolved potential for your business venture when performing due diligence and deal assessments. We can also help you redefine or improve your baseline calculations.


Allocate resources and make strategic plans for sustainable investments by gaining full insight into company trends and patterns. Set targets for each portfolio company, and update your equity share based on their performance.

Reporting and Disclosure

Make all portfolio companies report their KPIs, so you are in line with the SFDR reporting format.

Brands and partners choosing us

Partnering with MoreScope on the development of an integrated platform comprising both Scope 1-3 calculations and ESG reporting has been a very positive experience. Their flexible approach combined with an agile response has allowed us to implement a product that is both user-friendly and accommodating of our stringent reporting requirements

– Karem Kobayashi
Partner and Head of Responsible Investments

The MoreScope software lowered our threshold significantly to start reporting according to the GHG Protocol.

– Olof Nilsson
Marketing Manager

It is not enough to report on emissions, companies need to make their calculations and gather insights to take action towards emission reduction, for ourselves and for our customers. MoreScope enabled us to do exactly that.

– Simon Hatson
QHSE and Sustainability Director
Aquaterra Energy

Why MoreScope?

Many actors can help you get an overview of emissions related to production and usage of your product or service. As of now we are the only one providing true insight into your net impact on global greenhouse gas emissions, by including your impact on customer’s emissions.

How it works

We offer a granular bottom up approach that allows you to select activities and build an accurate assessment of your emissions.

Create your portfolio

Set up your companies and or products; leverage our specialist to advise you when needed.

Create custom assessments based on your specific LCA or state of innovation.

Verify assumptions

Consult our parameter library and select verified references for your calculation.

Create multiple data-driven scenarios to increase outlook for long term trends.

Take action

Aggregate reporting and submit for third party review.

Leverage insights for total emissions reduction potential.

Set and track KPIs for future performance.

Want to try MoreScope?

We’re happy to host a demo with a member of our team, presenting you the key functionalities of our carbon accounting and avoidance tool. Let’s find out if it suits your needs!

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