xIQ and MoreScope are merging!

23. February 2023

We are happy to finally officially announce that xIQ and MoreScope are joining forces, becoming one company! 🚀  The new company will be called MoreScope.

MoreScope is a spinout company from the Norwegian research institute SINTEF. This means that SINTEF will become a shareholder in the new merged company, and we are lucky to get Ulf Johansen, previous head of research at SINTEF, as our new Chief Science Officer.

The methodologies behind xIQ and MoreScope will complement each other to provide a unique offering of precise (bottom-up) and complete (top-down) greenhouse gas inventories. MoreScope is built on a SINTEF-developed algorithm that automates emission calculations in the entire value chain with a science-based approach that takes account of geographical location, industry sector and supplier tiers.

Existing company relationships will not be affected by this merger. xIQ will keep its original organisation number, but the name will gradually change to MoreScope.


Read more in the recent Finansavisen article (Norwegian)

“This is an exciting step towards getting science-based insight into carbon accounting, which will change the way companies are able to calculate their Scope 3 emissions. Getting an overview of your emissions is difficult for companies, and together we are making it easy, reliant and insightful!”


Ulf Johansen

Chief Science Officer

“With this technology, companies can for the first time get a rapid insight of emissions several tiers down the supply chain. Together with our existing offering, we can now help companies even further to quantify and reduce emissions.”


Sophie Bruusgaard Jewett

Chief Executive Officer