Software Development Internship

3. April 2023

MoreScope is looking for an intern to join our team building out a software solution to enable firms to understand, report and improve on their effect on the world around them.

We are looking for smart people who have a passion for building, that are curious to learn new technologies and likes to solve problems for users.

Our development team is working from Oslo, Trondheim, Barcelona and Tuzla and consists of a mixture of part time interns and full time experienced employees.

We offer fair and competitive compensation.

The ideal candidate would be open for a longer part time internship and be part of our growth journey.

Learn more in our full time software developer position

Hoping to hear from you,

Markus Øverli

CTO MoreScope


How to apply

Send transcript of grades and an overview of previous relevant experience (CV, side projects etc) to

As a software development intern at MoreScope, you will be responsible for assisting in the development of a software solution that helps firms understand, report on, and improve their impact on the environment and society. You will work closely with our team of experienced software developers to build and test features, troubleshoot and debug code, and contribute to the overall design and architecture of the solution.

Throughout your internship, you will have the opportunity to learn new technologies and programming languages, as well as work on real-world problems that have a positive impact on the world. We are looking for interns who are self-motivated, eager to learn, and have a strong passion for software development. If you meet these criteria and are excited to join a dynamic, fast-paced team, we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

Best regards,

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